Thank you from your winner – Sarah!

Hi everyone! Firstly a big thank you to everyone who voted for me, and who took part in the event. I learnt loads myself so I hope you did too. Special thanks to Steven, Connor, Lidunka and Jillian for your abundance of knowledge! It was an awesome two weeks and a lot more intense than I’d anticipated. The live chats were great, though I think I spent about 10% of my time typing in the variety of interesting usernames…

I really hope (and believe) more of you became enthused by science by the event, and can maybe envisage yourselves on the other side of the chat telling students in the future all about the great work you do. In terms of the prize money, I’m planning on buying a bank of materials to do demonstrations or experiments in the classroom which schools wouldn’t usually be able to do. Probably with a slight slant towards aviation and lasers. After all, that’s what I mostly chatted about! Except Taylor Swift. And my pets. And your pets. I gather we all like Taylor Swift and pets.

I’ve already spoken with three teachers in schools around Salisbury and have a meeting with another next week. I’ve been asking them which demonstrations they think students would benefit from and at the moment I’m looking at buying a mixture of dry ice, to make comets, and night vision goggles! Plus lasers which cut through things, which may not pass the risk assessment. This was after the mod team poo-poo’ed my idea to teach a parrot to teach equations. Wouldn’t you rather learn science from a parrot? No offence, teachers.

I hope you all have a great summer and come up with loads of challenging questions for the next lot of scientists and engineers in the November event. I’ll watch this space for you guys in the future!

Sarah x

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