• Question: In 10 years, will technology be more advanced than a time machine?

    Asked by AmiePanda to Connor, Lidunka, Sarah, Steven on 24 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Lidunka Vocadlo

      Lidunka Vocadlo answered on 24 Jun 2015:

      @AmiePanda I would love there to be a time machine, but that is firmly in the realms of fiction at the moment. And in 10 years technology won’t be all that different from today. A few more mod cons, better smaller computers. And faster food delivery 🙂

    • Photo: Steven Thomson

      Steven Thomson answered on 24 Jun 2015:

      I think a time machine is more advanced than anything we could ever build! (I do sometimes try to figure out how to make one, but I haven’t gotten it to work yet…)

      10 years might seem like a long, long time but it’s really not all that much. Trust me, I started my PhD research degree three years ago and it feels like only yesterday! As Lidunka says, in ten years time, technology probably won’t be all that different from today. There are few possible world-changing inventions out there (like nuclear fusion power and room-temperature superconductors) but most people don’t think we’ll get these working within the next 50 years, let alone the next 10!