• Question: On average, how much money do you earn per month?

    Asked by 931frcc35 to Sarah, Connor, Jillian, Lidunka, Steven on 15 Jun 2015. This question was also asked by senara, Hollie Mae.
    • Photo: Sarah Beasley

      Sarah Beasley answered on 15 Jun 2015:

      Depends where you are in your career. People at my company start at £25o00 a year if they’re graduates, and as they become experts can go up to somewhere in the £60000s I believe! You generally need to become a manager or even more of an expert to earn more after that…

    • Photo: Jillian Scudder

      Jillian Scudder answered on 19 Jun 2015:

      As a postdoc in the UK, I make around £1900 a month – postdocs make the same amount (plus or minus a few thousand pounds) all over the world, but things like your health care coverage can change a lot. I’m making more now than I did as a grad student, and if I make it to faculty, I’ll make more.