• Question: Will their ever come a point where everything there is to know becomes known? Or is there always something more to discover?

    Asked by Nami to Steven, Sarah on 19 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Steven Thomson

      Steven Thomson answered on 19 Jun 2015:

      That’s an excellent question! A lot of physicists spend their careers searching for a so-called ‘theory of everything’ that they think will be able to explain everything about the universe, but many other people do think that there will always be something more to learn.

      Personally, I think there will always be more to discover. The universe is so unimaginably vast, I can’t imagine we’ll ever know everything.

      From my own experience in science, I find that every time I learn a new fact, I also think up a dozen new questions. I think more knowledge will always lead us to more questions, and I don’t think that will ever stop!

    • Photo: Sarah Beasley

      Sarah Beasley answered on 23 Jun 2015:

      Part of me really wants that to be the case. So we can just sit back on a comfy chair, having discovered everything, like ahhh. But I think the question is, even if we have discovered everything, how will we know? One of the issues we face at my job is the unknown unknowns! At least if we know what we don’t know… then we can try and know it… You know?